Favorite Movies

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Movies that one can Watch Over and Over Again

What Makes a “Favorite” Movie?

In my opinion, (which I assume that is the reason why you are here) there is a difference between a good movie and my favorites. A good movie I can see once and then never see it again while favorite movies are ones that you can see over and over again. They are movies that you own in physical form or now digitally on Amazon or Itunes. If they are shown at parties or on television, you will automatically watch without getting up, avoiding conversation with other people. These movies are those that you do not get tired of and have to wait years to see again like most movies. No matter how many times you see these movies, there is something new to see every time you view them.

Everyone’s criteria for their favorite movies are different. I mean heck, the list of the best or favorite movies on IMDB changes every day. Be it for the action or the romance, every favorite movie evokes emotion from you that you cannot seem to replicate from other movies or even everyday life. Even without thinking too hard, I am sure that you can name at least three movies that are your favorites after this reading this blog article. It took me a while to whittle down the vast amount of movies that I have seen to just three titles that I love so much. I disagree with critics on most of what they say about movies in general but for these three films, it seems that we are in agreement.